Jan 2, 2018

Adam Mastrelli Reveals "Untold Secrets"

Watching tv on the treadmill at the gym during the daytime is usually awful. 

Endless reruns of Friends.  I get it: Joey is stupid, Chandler is neurotic, Phoebe is judgmental, and none of them are funny.

The Loud Family 35 times a day on Nickelodeon.

Austin and Allie on the Disney Channel (still?). 

Reality tv programs about pawn shops and interior design. 

The last 5 minutes of a movie.

. Sports, sports, sports, sports, and sports. 

And when you do hit something interesting, it will end in a few seconds to make way for a 5-minute commercial break (1/6th of my run!).

So it was quite a pleasant surprise the other day, when I came across a program about George Washington as a Mason.  I'm interested in the paranormal and secret societies, so I kept watching.

It turned out to be Untold Secrets a Travel Channel program about "a multitude of secrets, revealing amazing facts and stranger-than-fiction anecdotes that are destined to fuel water cooler conversations for days to come."  I happened to stumble across the first, and so far, only episode, "George Washington."

The "historical investigator" is 42-year old Adam Mastrelli, "a modern day Renaissance man," an actor with credits on General Hospital, Rescue Me, and a number of Broadway shows, including Yo, Alice (a hiphop version of Alice in Wonderland)

He also does something with IBM, and he is involved with Grassroots Soccer, an organization founded by former soccer pro Ethan Zohn (top photo),  dedicated to using soccer for AIDS prevention.

Adam has no wife listed on IMDB, so he's probably gay.  I'm not sure about his history credentials: he has a B.A. in sociology from Duke.  But he has quite a nice physique.

Beats watching Joey, Ross, and Phoebe for the umpteenth time.

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  1. Well, it is a gym, so sports I can understand.

    Never saw Nickelodeon on TV at the gym. And I think Chris Savino will be sacked soon. Yep, #HimToo. So, Loud will soon be down the memory hole.

    And anything's better than reruns of the same 90s sitcoms. I know, all of satellite TV plus the internet means they have to fill time.

    He's cute, but I'm worried. These things usually aren't about how Columbus was a moron who got lucky and became a murderous pirate and slave trader or how Charles II basically bought Henry VIII or how early Christianity was...far less unified in its image of Jesus. (Poor, poor Simon of Cyrene.) They're usually more, let's call it "fact-impaired". (The Egyptians were ALIENS!) History Channel has ruined pop history for me.


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