Mar 2, 2018

Swim Team Beefcake

When I was in high school and college, swim meets were the only reliable place to go to gaze at muscular men -- and check out packages. Today you can download 1,000 photos of nude men before breakfast, but it's still fun to seek out the muscles and packages at swimming events -- especially because it's an open secret. 

Everyone is looking, but everyone is pretending not to notice.

1. USC Trojans getting ready to play water polo.  The one on the right looks like he's about to have a swimsuit malfunction.

2. Two out of three isn't bad, but I feel sorry for the guy on the right in the locker room.

3.  Olivet Nazarene College, where the Nazarene boys in my high school went to become preachers.  The guy on the right looks like he's ready to perform in the Floor Show number in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

4. From Sumner, a city in Washington.

5  Camas, another city in Washington.  I know where I'm going on my next vacation.

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6.  And the reporter acts completely oblivious.  "I see nothing!"

7.  Aurora, Illinois.  Red fabric is very revealing.

8.  I like the smirk on the guy second from the left.  Of course, with his abs, a little arrogance is justified.

9.  I like these swimsuits, with the clouds placed right over the package.

10.  Sometimes you don't need speedos to make an impression.


  1. What does "Not Wearing a Sign" mean?

    1. Saying that characters in movies or on tv must be taken as heterosexual unless they actually announce that they are gay.


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