Jul 8, 2018

Mat Botuchis

Born in 1983, Mat Botuchis got his start in one of the martial-arts -craze vehicles of the 1990s, High Noon at Mega Mountain, where he had to flex his muscles and get a girlfriend (1998).  He had the look and style to become one of the top teen idols of the 1990s, but he was more interested in serious acting.

He's appeared in MTV's Undressed, The Amanda Show, the gay movie Ten Attitudes (2001), and on the gay-themed tv series Will and Grace (2005-2006).  He played the only straight guy working at the Out TV network.

Name recognition still eludes Mat, but hopefully his incipient movie career will change that.

1 comment:

  1. Wait, someone who has even a semblance of a career after Undressed?


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