Oct 29, 2013

Matthew G. Taylor, aka Zack O'Tool

On a 2001 episode of Queer as Folk , Emmett (Peter Paige) decides that he wants to become "ex-gay."  To dissuade him from this crazy idea, his friends arrange for him to be visited by gay adult video performer Zack O'Tool, played by the super-sized-in-every-way Matthew G. Taylor.

The huge man-mountain, formerly a police officer and martial artists, has been working steadily on screen since 1998.  Not in gay porn, unfortunately, but in many roles that make good use of his stunning physique.

A thug named Chongo in Detroit Rock City (1999).

Nemesis, a "huge, overpowering monster" in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004).

The boxer Primo Carnera in Cinderella Man (2005).

Shackles, an "uncontrollable monster with freakish strength" on the teen adventure series Aaron Stone (2010).

A character called "Man Mountain Guard" on Lost Girl (2011).

An immortal in The Immortals (2011).

These "freakishly huge monsters" aren't cast as gay, of course -- Hollywood prefers lithe, wispy things to promote its homophobic stereotypes --  but they also don't express any heterosexual interest, and they spend a lot of time hanging out with or threatening men.  So we can find lots of subtexts.

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