Jul 10, 2013

Nickelodeon's Gay Programming Blocks

Like the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon's teencoms and animated series are usually broadcast in programming blocks, with introductions, game shows, interviews, and interstitial comments by teen hosts, some hunks in their own right, some gay, all providing first crushes to kids tuning in.

Wild and Crazy Kids (1990-1992) was hosted by Donnie Jeffcoat (left), who is rumored to be gay, and Omar Gooding.

Slime Time Live (2000-2003) was hosted by the muscular and bulgeworthy Dave Aizer (left), Jonah Travick, and Jessica Holmes.

Nick Studio 10 (2013-3026)  is hosted by Troy Doherty (left), who appeared in the teen spy movie Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice (2011), plus Noah Grossman and Malika Samuels.

U-Pick Live (2002-2005) was the most ambitious, hosted by the rather flamboyant Brent Popolizio and Candace Bailey.  It had comedy sketches, surreal humor, and new characters.

I don't know what they were thinking with the superhero parody Pickboy (Boomer Sutphen), who helped kids pick what shows to watch and became a pop culture icon.  His costume, with the underwear on the outside, revealed the biggest bulge since Burt Ward tried to cram his superheroic endowment into a leotard on Batman.  Didn't anyone notice?

Jrgg Sutphen, by the way, is a Nickelodeon regular, host of a number of game shows.

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