Jul 2, 2013

Sterling Beaumon: Not All Bad

After the gay subtext-filled How to Eat Fried Worms (2006), Luke Benward and Adam Hicks starred in the Disney Channel's Mostly Ghostly (2008), which was unremittingly heterosexist.

Max (Sterling Beaumon) is a "normal" 11-year old, crushing on a girl and being bullied by his older brother (Adam Hicks). So much for the myth of childhood innocence.  He meets two ghosts, Nicky (Luke Benward) and his sister Tara, who has a crush on him.  When the evil ghost Phears captures Tara, Max and Nicky must work together to save her.  But there's a problem -- Max's magic show is coming up, with the girl he loves as his assistant.  And so on.  Couldn't find a gay subtext.

Sterling Beamon was no stranger to heterosexist plotlines.  He had a recurring role on Lost (2007-2009), as the young Ben, who would grow up to become the leader of the evil Others.  The eight-year old Ben arrives on the Island, and immediately falls in love with a mysterious girl named Annie, who will haunt his dreams for the rest of his life.  

The miniseries Clue (2011), loosely based on the board game, was about teenage crime investigators, including Seamus (Sterling), Lucas (Zach Mills), and Dmitri (Stephan James), all of whom crush on girls. I never saw it, but it doesn't sound promising.

Even the short-lived Red Widow (2013), in which he plays the son of widowed mobster Marta: she walks in on him and his girlfriend having sex.

Plus some serial killers and teenage drug runners.

On the other hand, he's posed in the gay-themed Bello magazine, and he's best buds with Kiril Kulish, who starred in the gay-positive Billy Elliot: The Musical (top photo) and Cameron Palatas (top photo and left, with David Henrie), who starred in the gay-positive Bag of Hammers (2011), so he can't be all bad.  

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