Aug 8, 2013

Brando Eaton's Secret Life

With a name like Brando, you have few career options open to you except show biz.  Born in 1986, he got his start in a recurring role on the teencom Zoey 101 (2006-2008), where his muscles were overshadowed by those of the regulars,  and a starring role in Do Not Disturb, which aired three episodes in the fall of 2008 before folding.

Lots of guest spots on tv series followed, with ample gay-friendly and buddy-bonding plotlines.

1. The gay-themed spoof Queerantine (2009). 

2. A footballer who is the son of a serial killer (and doesn't get a girlfriend) on Dexter (2009-2011).

3. Best bud of a street racer in Born to Race (2011).

4. The gay teen Griffin in The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2009-2012), who is rather a stereotype, but at least he's not conflicted.  He even gets a boyfriend, Peter (Kristopher Higgins). Unfortunately, after 22 episodes he vanished without a trace (Peter, too), leaving Secret Life gay-free except for a lesbian mom plotline.

5. A footballer without a girlfriend in Made in Jersey (2012).

In real life Brando is straight but not narrow, perfectly happy to address his gay fans.

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