Aug 17, 2013

Nick Roux: Underwear Model Turned Disney Boyfriend

Nick Roux is a  22-year old California-born actor-model.  Here he's posing with an American flag for a French underwear ad,.  The Franglish caption: "I want to be a super-heroes."

Here he models Superman underwear.

But he also has some Disney Channel credentials.

He appeared in The Suite Life on Deck (as Jean Luc, whom Bailey dates after breaking up with Cody) and Wizards of Waverly Place (as Chase Riprock, who has a crush on Alex).

In the Disney Channel movie Lemonade Mouth (2011), he played Scott Pickett, a jock who heads the rival band.  He has both a girlfriend and a best buddy (played by Chris Brochu), so there may be some triangulation going on.  I didn't see it; the title "Lemonade Mouth" was too much of a turn off.

The ABC Family series Jane by Design (2012) was about a 16-year old girl who gets a job in the fashion industry.  He played her boyfriend.

Not a lot of gay content in his onscreen work, but one wonders why the Disney Channel so often grabs up young hunks who specialize in homoerotic advertisements, and gives them girlfriends.

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