Aug 19, 2013

David DeCoteau's Talking Dogs and Homoerotic Hunks

You probably know David DeCoteau from a practically endless number of horror movies in which heavily muscled guys lather up their pecs in the shower or lie next to each other in their underwear, while discussing their respective girlfriends.  That is, movies aimed squarely at an audience of gay men that pretend that gay people do not exist.  Kind of fun, in a pre-Stonewall closet way.

But David DeCoteau has just started producing and directing kids' movies.  I haven't seen any of them -- I don't think I actually want to -- but no doubt they are set in the same world, gay-free but overbrimming with muscle hunks.

1. Christmas Spirit (2011). A teenager who's lost the Christmas Spirit gets it back with the help of an angel. With Jason Brooks, Aaron Jagger, and Bryan Craig.

2. A Halloween Puppy (2012): A boy accidentally turns his mother's model-boyfriend into a puppy.  With Lucas Adams, Evan Crooks, and Ryan Greco (top left)

3.  A Talking Cat? (2013).  A single mom and a single dad, both with teenage male models in the family, fall in love, thanks to a talking cat.  With Justin Cone and Daniel Dannas (left).

4. An Easter Bunny Puppy (2013). A talking dog belonging to a boy with a male-model brother buries Easter eggs.  With Strider Ellis, Jason Faunt, Renton Pexa, Chris Petrovski (left), and August Roads.

5. A Talking Pony? (2013). More of the same, with a pony belonging to a male model. With Jason Faunt (left), Dillon Olny, and James Lastovic.

6. My Stepbrother is a Vampire? (2013).  A single mom and a single dad, one with a teenage daughter and the other with a teenage vampire-male model, fall in love. With Jud Birza, Seth Austin, Nick Galarza, and Cody Beverstock (top right).

Where does DeCoteau find them all?  And more to the point, why does he bother to fill his movies with them, even children's movies where the cast rarely unbuttons a button?

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