Aug 15, 2013

Gay Characters with Girlfriends

Why are so many gay male characters attracted to women?  And even state that they find women far more attractive than men?

Of course, a few gay men are attracted to women, and a few straight men are attracted to men.  They are technically bisexual.  For the overwhelming majority of gay men, women can be friends, period, just as, for the overwhelming majority of straight men, men can be friends, period.
In Party Monster (2003), homicidal club kid Michael Alig (Macaulay Culkin) is identified as “gay,” not heterosexual, not bisexual.  But gay producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey found it necessary to give him a girlfriend.  With her help, he almost escapes from his destructive “homosexual lifestyle.” 

 In Transamerica (2005), Kevin Zegers plays a teenage hustler named Toby, who again is “gay” but never glances at a boy. Instead, like “all” gay teenage boys, he spends a lot of time kissing girls and putting the moves on older women. 


On the Logo series Noah’s Arc, aspiring filmmaker Noah (Darryl Stephens) falls for the “straight” Chance Counter (Doug Spearman), who tells him that they can be together only if there is a woman involved. At first Noah is horrified, but then he reconsiders. He goes to the rendezvous, and begins kissing the woman enthusiastically until Chance calls things off.

On Shameless, Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is "gay," but has frequent romances with women.

The Chelsea Boys comic strip, which appears in many gay weeklies, not only proclaims that gay men are attracted to women, it criticizes those gay men who refuse to recognize this "law of nature."  In one continuity, the gang returns from the New York Gay Pride Parade to stumble upon the muscular na├»ve gay male Sky with a woman.  They are outraged: Sky  has obviously been brainwashed into believing that only heterosexual romance is valid.  But Sky argues that this is what Gay Pride is about in the first place, the freedom to have sex with whomever you want, male or female.

Although I agree that adults of any gender should be free to engage in consensual sexual relations, that's certainly not what Gay Pride is about.  
Sheer heterosexism again, proclaiming that all men, gay or straight, are interested in women. 

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