Aug 17, 2013

Worst Travel Day Ever

Worst travel day ever.

1. We stopped for lunch, and couldn't get out of the parking lot, because a lady in the car ahead of us just sat there, while cars behind us zoomed around her to turn left and right.
2. We finally turned the wrong way (impossible to turn the right way), and ran into about 100 people all leaving a Burger King at the same time, darting across the street in different directions, raising their hands to stop traffic as they ran.
3. We finally got on the freeway going the wrong direction, and had to turn around.

1. No restaurant on site
2. No fitness center

1. Restaurant was half empty,but they seated everyone together, so you were sitting in each other's laps.

1. The club was deserted.
2. On a Friday night
3. Two hours later, it was still deserted.

Getting Back to the Hotel
1. The interstate was closed, so we were struggling with the GPS and the cell phone while driving through downtown Cleveland in utter darkness.  By the way, you can't work a GPS in the dark.
2. After a few wrong u-turns, we finally found the highway exit with our hotel.  But our hotel wasn't there.  We drove up and down Broadway for a mile in each direction, but it wasn't there.
3. Turns out there are 2 Exit 23s, identical in every way, except one is right next to the hotel, and the other is 5 miles away, through a neighborhood of very slow speed limits and hundreds of stop lights.

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