Oct 9, 2013

Cody Christian: Pretty Little Liars

You probably know Cody Allen Christian from the drama Pretty Little Liars: he plays Mike Montgomery, younger brother of head liar Aria, who has not yet displayed any heterosexual interest.  Many fans think that he is gay, but it's probably just a tease; the writers just haven't gotten around to scripting any girl-craziness for him yet.

But Cody has been in a surprising number of gay-friendly projects.

1. The short film The Corndog of Tolerance (2006), an "ode for accepting people for who and what they are" which made the rounds of the LGBT film festivals.  You can see it on Vimeo.

2. Xander Tucker in the series Back to You (2007), who appears to be a bully but actually has a secret.

3. Kill the Irishman (2011), about the rise of an Irish-American mafioso.  As the young Danny Greene, Cody has a gay-subtext buddy-bond with the young Billy McComber (Dante Wildern).  The gay-subtext continues, by the way, when the characters grow up.

He has also made the rounds of Disney/Nickelodeon, appearing on Lab Rats, Austin & Ally (where he's #10 on my list of Ross Lynch's Top Hunks), and Supah Ninjas.  

No word on whether he is gay in real life, but he doesn't appear to hang out with Jake T. Austin, so probably not.

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