Oct 9, 2013

Jackson Guthy: Teen Idol with Lots of Male Friends

When a performer poses in such intimate same-sex pairs over and over, one has to wonder if he's gay in real life.  Or conclude that he is.

Jackson Guthy (the one who isn't grabbing himself) is a singer/songwriter who got his start singing on The Ellen Degeneres Show in 2011, at the age of 15.

After that he toured with the Disney boy band Big Time Rush and the gay-positive One Direction.    His debut album, Launch, is due out later this year.

Here he poses shirtless with another buddy, their matching Union Jack underwear showing.

His songs, all about lost love, are a mixed bag, some heterosexist, some not.

  "Bad Boy" is immensely heterosexist, yelling "Girl! Girl! Girl!" every five seconds.

 "Everything You Do" is about breaking up with a girl.

"Roll" omits pronouns: "You're so hot I can't even seen."

"Brothers and Sisters" seems to be deliberately inclusive:

This is for my brothers and sisters
All the trouble makers
Who are trying to get back at me

Well, were you dating a brother or a sister?  Or any of these guys?

Check out his official website here.  He calls his fans the Jackpack.

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