Nov 26, 2013

Gay Doesn't Imply a Bedroom

I'm depressed today.

#1.  I had to write a review of a blisteringly homophobic tv show.

#2. The agent of Mateus Ward from Lab Rats wants me to take down my post because of its "mature" content.

There is no mature content on this blog.  No porn, no nudity, no bad words, no explicit sex.  He thinks that "gay" refers only to bedrooms.  Kids can swoon over the opposite sex at the age of five and everyone says "aww, how cute," but they're too young to have sex, so they can't possibly be gay.  Or even know that gay people exist.

That's why Kenny Ortega, director of the High School Musical franchise, said there could be no gay characters -- they're too young to have sex.  Gay people inhabit a bedroom.  Heterosexuals are everywhere else.

That's why heterosexuals get so upset over gay people "flaunting it."  They believe that when you say "I am gay," you are really saying "I engaged in the following sexual activities last night. Here are some videos to help you envision my sex life better."

In one episode of the PBS preschool Arthur, the animated rabbit visited a human boy with two moms.  Parents were outraged: "How dare you show two women having sex with each other on a kid's show!"  The show actually didn't show the women in bed together, but parents thought that "gay" automatically implied a bedroom.

I'm taking down the post.  I don't need any more homophobes on this site.

#3. I saw a tv commercial in which a family is sitting at dinner, and a little girl, maybe about 5, is playing the "he loves me...he loves me not" game.  Everyone grins, high-fives each other, and congratulates her on being heterosexual.

But gay people never get ecstatic celebrations.  They get: "I've learned to accept you in spite of the pain you've caused me," and "I still love you, and I'll support you in spite of this horrible malady."

Just once, I'd like to hear "Yeah!  Great!  I'm so thrilled!"

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