Jan 25, 2018

Michael Copon: Power Ranger, Gay Ally

Born in 1982, Michael Copon got his start on the most recent of the Power Rangers series, Power Rangers: Time Force (2001-2002).  

He also starred on the evening teen soap One Tree Hill (2004-5) as Felix, a homophobe who writes an anti-gay slur on the locker of his sister's girlfriend.

And on Beyond the Break (2006-2009) as Vin Keahi, the boyfriend of two female professional surfers.

But it's in movies that the bonding -- and the beefcake -- really shines.  He specializes in movies about female bonding:
All You've Got (2006): volleyball players
Sideliners (2006): cheerleaders
Bring It On (2007): cheerleaders

But there's also some male bonding.  He also goes on a quest with Peter Butler in the Vin Diesel prequel, The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior (2008).

And he starts a BoyBand with Ryan Pinkston (2010).

No gay characters, but he's a gay ally, so maybe someday.

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  1. I now have a hypothesis that allies are required to be the bad guy in the obligatory gay storyline. See also: Degrassi. One Tree Hill did it better.

    Time Force was not my favorite Power Rangers season, but mostly because the writers couldn't decide on the moral tone. Mostly I remember it as "the one where the rangers are worse than the bad guys". Bad writers! Bad!

    Copon's acting was good, though as usual, blue rangers (and really any nonred non-sixth rangers) are little more than extras.


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