Feb 17, 2014

I Didn't Do It: Disney Channel Teencom with Underwear Models

I'm mad at the Disney Channel.  They bragged for months, "We're going to have gay characters on our teencoms!  Aren't we just too, too progressive?"  The gay characters appeared on a single episode Good Luck, Charlie: Bob and Amy have each met "the wife" of their toddler's preschool friend, but disagree about her name.  Then the couple arrive to drop their son off for a play date.

Surprise: two women!  Bob is shocked, Amy is nonchalant, the teen characters aren't around, the end

And it was just before the series ended, so no problem with any ratings catastrophe.

Wimpy move, Disney!

The new teencom I Didn't Do It (2014-) is even more wimpy.  It's about five teenage friends centered on the twins Lindy and Logan.  Each episode begins with the aftermath of a catastrophe, and the twins' differing Rashomon-like account of what happened.

The two boys each have different gay codings.  Logan (Austin North, left) is flamboyant and feminine, and Garrett (Peyton Clark) is neat, fussy, and well-groomed, a teenage Felix Unger from The Odd Couple.  Since they're paired, there's some gay subtext potential (I haven't seen any yet).

But they're not only absurdly hetero-horny, they're "guys," gender-polarized to the nth degree. Sometimes they are forced nto feminine activities like mani-pedis, but they are truly comfortable only in the world of dirt bikes, tag-team wrestling, twelve-inch hoagies, and grunting.

Not a lot of gay connection in the pair's other activities. They don't have many prior screen credits.  Austin North appears to be a Christian fundamentalist.

Not a lot of beefcake, either. No shirtless shots of either one. But fortunately, Disney has made up for it by filling minor roles and guest spots with hunky models like Robert Scott Wilson (top) and Chad Buchanan (left).

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