Aug 8, 2014

Mark Munford: Fight Club with Buddy Bonding

Mark Munford has been in five movies.  Two involve him taking his shirt off, getting into fights, and bonding with other boys.

1. He plays one of a trio of bullying brothers in Ironsides (2009), who gets his comeuppance when he decides to start terrorizing the sons of a boxer.  One of whom is gay-vague.

2. You Have the Right to Remain Violent (2010) is like Fight Club for kids, except they are forced into fighting to entertain the sadistic adults of their small town.  Mark plays Zack, a juvenile delinquent who moves to town hoping for a fresh start, but instead finds more violence.  And buddy-bonding.

My Hometown (2011) is a comedy about a long-in-the-tooth permanent high schooler (Ryan Merriman) who is offered a chance to graduate if he makes a movie about his small town. He accepts, and with two buds (Mark, Casey Margolis) sets out to get girls and expose the town's foibles.  But then he runs across a bomb plot.  Haven't seen it, but it looks like a standard horny-teenager movie.

In My Mind (2014), which hasn't yet been released, appears to be about three children who are terrorized by a psycho-slasher, then grow up and find that he's taking over their minds.  Or something like that.  The trailer looks promising.

By the way, most of these movies come from Jo-Mar Productions.  He's the Mar, so a producer as well as an actor.

But is he gay?

The only personal information on his facebook page is: Chicken Parmesan rules the world.

On twitter, he follows the Boston Celtics, Justin Bieber, and about 300 women.

I'm going to guess: heterosexual.


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