Dec 26, 2014

Gay Fan Art 4: Cartoon Kids Grow Up

Fan artists enjoy depicting their favorite cartoon characters involved in same-sex romances or explicit sexual situations.

But there's a problem with many of the more popular characters.  Regardless of how much you may envision them as adults, Bart Simpson and Nelson the Bully are still children, and depicting them having a romantic encounter would look rather silly.  And, if you depict them in an erotic situation, you're facing a 10-year prison sentence in the U.S.

Better to age them into teenagers into adults.

Ben Tennyson (Ben 10), who found a device that allows him to shapeshift into aliens, has appeared in four tv series (2005-2014) and several movies. But he never shapeshifted into this super-bodybuilder before fan artists discovered him.

T. J. Detweiler of the Disney Channel's Recess (2000-2003) was the leader of a band of 3rd grade buddies.  Here he's grown up and beefed up so much that he's unrecognizeable except for the signature red hat.  I don't know why he's tied to a tree in his underwear.

Sometimes fan artists choose rather obscure subjects.  The Backyardigans (2003-2006), for preschoolers on CBS, featured a group of toddler anthropomorphic animals: a penguin, a hippopotamus, a kangaroo, and so on.  This is Tyrone, the red-headed moose, turned into a buffed, morose human teenager.

Timmy Turner of Fairly Oddparents (2001-2014) is "an average kid," ten years old and drawn in a stylized, nondescript fashion.  But here a grown up, buffed up version towels himself off after a shower.

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 Steven Universe (2013-), on the Cartoon Network, is about a boy being raised by three female superheroes who longs for adventure of his own.  In this rather humorous depiction, he's morphed into an adult.  His pink t-shirt with a yellow star doesn't fit anymore.  By the way, that's not his belly button, it's a power crystal.

Adventure Time (2010-) sends 10-year old Finn the Human through a magical, postapocalyptic landscape.  Finn is gradually growing up as the seasons pass.  But he hasn't yet reached his 20s, when, apparently, he will have massive pecs and shoulders that shred his green shirt.

Have to have at least one grown-up Bart Simpson.  There are hundreds, but this is one of the few where he's clothed, and not involved in an erotic situation with Nelson, Milhouse, Principal Skinner, or Sideshow Bob.

Gravity Falls (2012-) on the Disney Channel, sends 12-year old twins Dipper and Mabel to live with their grandfather, a paranormal enthusiast.  I don't know why this grown-up, buffed Dipper is dressed as a furry, with ears and a tail.

You can't get much younger than 8-year old Diego of  Go, Diego, Go (2005-), who rescues animals as a counterpart to Dora the Explorer.  He seems to have grown up, gotten a little scraggy, and somebody ripped off most of blue shirt and pants.  At least now you know if he wears boxers or briefs.

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