Jan 16, 2015

Every Gay Man Should Have a Pair of Lederhosen

Like the kilt, lederhosen has gotten mired down in cliches and stereotypes, blond people yodeling and saying "Yah" to each other, like that crazy Aryan kid  who sells "Toaster strudel."

But lederhosen simply means leather pants in German.  It was worn throughout the Alps, and especially in Bavaria, for hunting, farming, and other outdhoor activities.

Its popularity declined during the 19th century, when it was considered uncouth, "hayseed" clothing, like the hillbilly's overalls in America.  Today it is worn primarily at festivals like Oktoberfest.

There are many variations, but all lederhosen have suspenders and a side holster that shows off the pecs (shirts are optional).

The front flap, called a hosenturl, was designed to make it easy to take your penis out and urinate.  But the consequence of making you look especially gifted beneath the belt has not gone unnoticed.

Especially with modern men, who add special lining down there to enhance their size.

And add a lot of ornate embroidery to draw the eye to their crotch.

Some men like lederhosen so much that they are starting to use it for everyday wear.

Gay men especially.  Many of them already have leather outfits, so why not get custom-made black lederhosen?

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