Feb 3, 2015

Recreating Childhood Photographs: The Homoerotic and the Heartbreaking

Have you heard of the fad for recreating old childhood photographs?  The ones your parents took of you in "cute," embarrassing situations, like taking a bath with your brothers?

As adults, you try to match the setting, costumes, positions, and facial expressions, and recast the picture.

The blogosphere tags the results as "hilarious," but sometimes they are decidedly homoerotic.

The nude body contact that is cute and innocent with little kids heats up very quickly with adults.  Even with the weird facial expressions.

Muscular, bearded adults frolicking in a tub look decidedly like lovers.

But sometimes that dazed childhood expression becomes depressing in an adult, as if he's looking back on his life, wondering how so many years managed to slip by unnoticed.

And when the "kids" were already grown up, with biceps and baskets, the recreations show the ravages of time, as muscle turns to fat, heads become bald, faces become gaunt.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Oh, well, back to the homoerotic.

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