Aug 13, 2016

10 More TV Hunks I've Never Heard Of

TV is proliferating with hunks these days, and they don't need much of an excuse to take off their clothes.  Here are 10  more tv hunks that I've never heard of, but would like to.

1. Barrett Carnahan.

2. B. J. Britt.  Forget about the Britt; let's concentrate on the B. J.

3. Dante Swain

4, Justin Prentice

5. Matthew Josten.  He looks a lot like Justin Prentice's younger brother.

6. Nick Roux.  How do you get such veiny wrists?

7. Ryan Wynott

8. Sam Claflin.

9. Tony Goldwyn

10.  Vladimir Furkit.  Forget the Vladimir, let's talk about the Furkit

I have got to start watching more tv.

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