Aug 10, 2016

Peter Pat, the Preteen Powerhouse with Plentiful Pro-Gay Plotlines

I've never heard of Peter Pat, but who wouldn't want to read about a toddler with an adult head beating up a loincloth-clad gorilla?

Apparently he was the star of a newspaper comic strip launched in 1934 by someone named Mo Leff.  It lasted only a year, but was reprinted in comic books in both the United States and France.

Peter Pat, aka just Pat, was carried off by a winged warrior to Pagoland, a sword-and-sorcery fantasy world, where he proved to be a superb fighter -- for a three year old.

Notice that there are no word balloons. Descriptions and dialogue appear at random places in the panel.

What's up with the oversized Dick Tracey head?

Pat has a sidekick named Pom, a even younger toddler (is he wearing a diaper?) with an old man's head.

Is Mo Leff just inept, or is there some reason for this weird phenomenon?  Maybe in Pagoland heads get older and bodies get younger.

Pat displayed a respectable teenage physique, but the giant head grafted onto his body would probably deter all but the most avid beefcake fans.

I don't know why his shorts and belt changed color.

The people of Pagoland had a preference for "p" sounds.  Pat's prim pony Pepper promenades in Pagoland pastures.

Mo Leff was also the ghostwriter for the Joe Palooka strip.

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