Aug 12, 2016

10 TV Hunks I've Never Heard Of

Back in the 1970s, if there was a hunk on tv, you knew about him.  His few shirtless photos became common knowledge, part of our shared gay memory.  But today, every actor goes to the gym and rips off his shirt regularly.  And with the proliferation of tv shows on cable networks and websites, you can't possibly hear about everyone.

Here are 10 celebrities who I somehow managed to acquire shirtless photos of, although I know nothing about them except that they are, or were, on tv.

1. Andrew Triscitta.

2. Casey Moss.  He seems to be an underwear model.

3. Collins Pennie.  I have four shirtless photos of this guy.

4. Craig Horner.  Must be a sword-and-sorcery program.

5. Daniel Hennie

6. Garrett Weston. Another underwear model?

7. Gisondo Skyler.

8. Guy Wilson

9. Jared Kusnitz. He's on MTV.

10. Jeremy Irving

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