Mar 1, 2017

10 Hunkiest Scrubs Patients, Part 2

I'm being forced to watch the awful medical "comedy" Scrubs, which apparently lasted for 9 whole seasons.  I usually keep my eyes on my computer screen or book to avoid the gross medical procedures, annoying characters, and jaw-droppingly horrible plotlines, just pausing to nod when my friend turns to me and asks "Isn't this the best show ever?"

The only redeeming feature is the beefcake.  The male physique is on display far more often than the female.

The regular cast strips down constantly (this is Robert Mascio as The Todd, a surgeon horndog who drools, leers, and makes gross sexual propositions to every woman he sees, yet is not fired.  At least he has a physique).

And there is a constant stream of musclemen in hospital gowns playing patients.  They usually die, but still...

Here are the 10 hunkiest patients from the last half of Scrubs (Seasons 5-9), arranged in order of the seriousness of their disease.

1. Joseph (Tony  Tambi).  Appendectomy.

2. Roger Templeton (Tim Munday, left). Amnesia.

3. Alex Macrae (Peter Holden). Porphyria (a blood disorder, makes your pee purple).

4. Emery Redmond (Michael Mitchell, left), Mysterious burns.

5. Joe Hutnik (Kevin Rahm, left), Lyme Disease.  I don't know what that is, but it sounds serious.

6. Tom Halford (Scott Rinker).  Kidney transplant.

7. Brian Dancer (Michael Weston), brain damage, no short term memory.

8. John (Scott Holroyd, left). Breast cancer.  The "comedy" involves the demasculation of a guy getting a disease that's "just for women," to the consternation of his macho brothers.

9. Eric McNair (Henry LeBlanc), paralyzed.

10. Cole Aaronson (Dave Franco).  A medical student with skin cancer.  Survives.

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