Feb 26, 2017

10 Hunkiest Scrubs Patients, Part 1

I'm being forced to watch Scrubs (2001-2010), about medical interns at Sacred Heart Hospital, told from the point of view of nebbish medical intern J.D. (Zach Braff).  The rest of the main cast consist of two other interns (his best buddy and on-off girlfriend), two established doctors, and some nurses.

I usually keep my eyes on a book or computer screen, to avoid the gross medical procedures, people dying, the world's most annoying characters, and jaw-droppingly bad plotlines.

The one I saw last night had doctors actually disapproving of exercise!  Turk (Donald Faison) worries that he's getting a little pudgy from sitting on the couch every night, eating donuts with his girlfriend, so he begins to work out.  But then he realizes that guys who exercise, notably Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley), are pathetic losers who have no lives.  At the end of the episode, he "comes to his senses," abandons his exercise program, and returns to the couch to each donuts with his girlfriend.

That's right -- a medical program disapproves of exercise but approves of eating donuts!

But there is ample beefcake.  J.D. and Turk are shirtless more often than not, and there's a constant stream of hunky patients.  Some of them even live through the episode.

Here are the top 10 hunks of the first half of the series (Seasons 1-4), arranged in order of seriousness of their disease.

1. Sean Kelley (Scott Foley, top photo).  Irregular heartbeat.  Turns out to be a false alarm.

2. Will Forte (John Ducey). Tested for lung cancer.  Turns out to be negative.

3. Will Quinn (Michael Hagerty, left).  We don't learn what's wrong with him, but he makes Turk uncomfortable because he's gay.

4. Mr. Foster (Ron Ostrow), who drove his golf cart into a tree.

5. Mike (Jason-Shane Scott, left), who wrapped his car around a telephone poll.

6. Sam Thompson (Alexander Chaplin), a drug addict.

7. Ben Sullivan (Brendan Fraser, left). Leukemia. Survives.

8. Unnamed Patient (Paul Connor).  Coma, brain dead for two months, but wakes up in a Christmas miracle.

9.  David Morrison (Travis Wester, left).  Comes into the hospital with a hernia, but they find cancer.  Dies.

10. Jack Moyer (Adam Harrington).  Went into a coma just before his wedding. Dies.

See also: 10 Hunkiest Scrubs Patients, Part 2.

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