Mar 17, 2017

The Hottest 10 Ten Doctors of "Scrubs"

I can't tell you how much I dislike Scrubs (2001-2010), the "comedy" about obnoxious doctors acting like jerks.  In last night's episode, they were all in a tizzy because Elliot (a female doctor) was dating a male nurse.  A male nurse!   How ridiculous!  He must be "the girl" in the relationship, and Elliot must be the "boy"

It wasn't just one character.  They all ridiculed the guy who degraded himself so much that he did a woman's job!

But at least there's substantial beefcake.  Not only patients.  The doctors take their shirts off every second.

 1. Zach Branff as J.D., the obnoxious narrating character: "Today I learned that relationships are hard."

2. Donald Faison as his bff Turk, who acts like a five-year old and is obsessed with the ladies.  He's the one who decided that going to the gym makes you a pathetic loser.  I can tell.  He's been in better shape.

3. Johnny Kastl as Doug, a skittish doctor who's terrified of his supervisor, and often runs away n a panic.

4. Dave Franco as Cole Aaronson, a spoiled fratboy doctor.

5. Travis Schuldt as Keith "The Dude" Dudemeister (I'm not making this up.)

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6. Michael Hobert as Lonnie, J.D.'s intern and "bitch" in later seasons.  He doesn't usually hav the stupid pornstache.

7. John C. McGinley as Dr. Cox, the abusive, obnoxious, jaw-droppingly sexist attending physician. He gets a lot of shirtless shots, although he's amazingly ugly.

8. Sean Buchholtz (he spells it another way) as Dr. Cabbage, aka Jason Cabbagio, an inept intern who gets fired and has to go to work as a coffee barista.

9. Robert Maschio as Todd, a surgeon who asks every woman  he sees to have sex with him, doctors, nurses, patients, it doesn't matter.  Literally every woman.  And apparently most of them agree, as he has sex about 30 times a day, and after each encounter asks all of his male friends to high-five him in congratulations.

The second most annoying of the annoying characters, but he has a nice chest.

10. Chad Broskey as Rod, not actually a doctor, Todd's son in a fantasy sequence.  Todd imagines a "touching" father-son moment in which Rod admits that he has stuffed a banana into his jock to make his penis look bigger.

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  1. Todd also harasses the guys in one episode. It starts when the nurses think it's all a cover-up.


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