May 20, 2017

10 Shirtless Photos of Ben Schreiner, Sort Of

Someone said that Ben Schreiner, who appeared on six episodes of You Can't Do That on Television in 1984, near the end of its run, is gay.

Ok, I never heard of him, so I did an internet search.

He must be in his late 40s now.

I'm usually good at internet searches, but there are just so many Ben Schreiners in in the world.

The owner of a construction company in Topeka
A freelance writer in Oregon
A cycling enthusiast in England.
A salesman for a steel company in Vancouver.
A banker in Luxembourg.
A student in Heidelberg
A designer at the Greenheck Fan Company in Wausau, Wisconsin.

I'm not sure which is our Ben, but this one is cute.

So, maybe there are some shirtless shots of the adult Ben Schreiner floating around out there.  When I did a search on google images, here's what popped up.

Nice abs, but too young to be the right Ben, unless this photo was taken 20 years ago,

This is the salesman from Vancouver.  Apparently he used to be a model.

A football player shirtless in the rain.

More after the break.

This is John Schneider, star of The Dukes of Hazzard, not Ben Schreiner.

Colby Keller, a blogger, artist, and gay porn star.  He does look sort of like a grown-up Ben Schreiner.

Drew Roy, an Alabama actor known for Falling Skies.

Darren Criss from Glee and now Broadway.

See also: You Can't Do That on Television


  1. As a gay pre-teen in the mid 80's I had a major crush on all the boys on YCDTOTV. Unfortunatlty Ben was never one of the boys to be shackled against the dungeon wall while shirtless like the other boys were

    1. Ben did have at least one hunky scene on YCDTOTV. I remember he was in the school library to check out a book about childhood development. He wanted to compare the book's photos to his body to see if he was developing as fast as he should. Suddenly the librarian is very upset, then camera pulls back and we see Ben's shirtless back as he is facing the librarian with the sex e ed book in his hands. The joke is that they are implying that Ben is standing there stark naked because he forgot to go home before beginning to compare his body to the sex ed photographs in the book.

  2. The Ben Schreiner from YCTOTV graduated from Northern Secondary School in Toronto in 1989 so he would be around 45 or 46 now. He was a software developer in the Bay Area of Northern California, before moving south to the Palm Springs area in 2016, where he bought and renovated a mid-century house (told you he was gay), before selling it earlier this year and moving to Phoenix.

  3. Let's Lunch link for Ben:


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