Aug 12, 2018

Aaron Tobey, the Boy with the 4th Amendment on his Chest

 In December 2010, Aaron Tobey was a 21-year old architecture student at the University of Cincinnati, back home in Virginia for the holidays. He decided to protest the ridiculously excessive searches that we all go through in airports, especially those imaging machines that display your naked body parts to the TSA agents, so he wrote the 4th Amendment on his chest:

"The right of the people to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated."

At the security line, where you are supposed to take off your coat, belt, and shoes, he also took off his shirt and pants, leaving running shorts and socks.   TSA agents saw the 4th Amendment on his chest and called the airport police, who handcuffed him, arrested him for disorderly conduct, and interrogated him for 90 minutes about his involvement with terrorist groups.

Apparently knowing the U.S. Constitution now brands you a terrorist.

They eventually allowed Aaron to get on his flight.  Two weeks later, the charges were dropped. 

Aaron filed a civil suit, claiming that his 4th Amendment rights had been violated and asking for $250,000 in punitive damages.  A lower court found in favor of TSA, but the appellate court sided with Aaron.

I really just wanted to show you a picture of Aaron's rather stunning physique, but I looked him up online to see what he's been up to lately.  I discovered that he has more to offer than a stunning physique and political activism:

1. In 2007, he graduated from Western Albermarle High School in  Crozet, Virginia (near Charlottesville).  He was on the track and hockey teams.

2. He got his B.S. in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati in 2011.  He was on the hockey team and the running club.

3. He got a M. Arch. from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015.  Again on the hockey team and the running club.

4. He still plays hockey for the NYC Gay Hockey Association.  They marched at Boston Pride in 2018.

5. After two years of architectural work in San Francisco and Boston, he enrolled in the Ph.D. program at  Yale.

6. He specializes in computer graphics.

7.  He's an artist.

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  1. And that is the thing I'll never forgive Obama for: He was supposed to undo the previous eight years. I imagined his first act as POTUS would be something like Nebula undoing the Snap. But no, he was just another sleazy New Democrat more interested in winning Republican approval than doing what he was elected to do.


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