Sep 15, 2020

Maximillian Acevedo: From Tragic Childhood to Bodybuilder Bae


Maximilian Acevedo,  who plays the killer babysitter's boyfriend in the schlockfest Baby Sitter Killer Queen, seems to think that his character is nice.  He posts this photo of Jimmy insulting Cole with the caption: "Don't worry, Bro.  Jimmy will take care of everything."

Or maybe Jimmy turned out to be a good guy while I was fast forwarding.

Max has an instagram page with 18,000 followers, where he posts a lot of pictures with his shirt off and gets comments like "Shit!" and falling-in-love emojis.

And a youtube channel comprised mostly of workout videos.  "A Day in the Life" is sort of interesting.  He spends the whole day running and working out amid iconic L.A. landmarks.

According to his biography on IMDB, Max grew up in poverty in Las Vegas. At age 14, he decided to overcome adversity by "turning his body into a work of art."   

An interview on the podcast "Belly of the Beast" goes into more detail about his traumatic and scary childhood:

Looking at his dad through the glass window when he visited him in jail.

Hit, insulted, locked in a room, and "touched" by his mom's boyfriends.

Bullied in school due to his preference for bright colors and rainbows.

Being homeless; wondering why he was even alive.  

Like many bullied and abused kids, Max found salvation at the gym, and then on the stage.

He moved to L.A. in 2019, did some fitness promos and modeling, and then got an agent and started going on auditions for films and tv.

Maximilian has been on screen five times, which is quite a lot for someone who has had an agent for only about a year, during a pandemic where most productions were shut down.

1. The short "Super Hero Last Day of School,"  in which Batman, Spiderman, Deadpool, and others are high school students.  He plays the shirtless superhero Winter Soldier.

2. The tv pilot I Am, about a high school student's "thirst for power."

3. Lawn Ranger, an incompetent supervillain "here to cut your grass and kick your ass," on the Nickleodeon superhero spoof Henry Danger.

4. Also on Henry Danger, Mr. Nice Guy, a smiley-face-masked vigilante who punishes people for being rude.

5. The schlockfest Baby Sitter thing

According to his biography, Max also done a "true crime" show for the Oxygen Network, and he plays himself on the animated Thumpy on Cruise TV, but I can find no other references to these projects. Cruise TV was a British channel advertising holiday cruises.

Max doesn't mention dating anyone in any of his extensive biographies or interviews, or in the extensive comments on his instagram page, except for the caption to a photo of him in Santa Monica: "Bae Watch" (a bae is a romantic partner of any gender).  

Plus there's that rainbows and bright colors thing.

So I assume that he's gay.


  1. I'm sure the handsome Mr Acevedo must have gotten the attention of a Hollywood sugar daddy who is guiding his career or he would still be just another Instagram muscle boy with a Only Fan page

    1. Probably, but it's tasteless to say so because his mom's type is apparently pedo.

    2. Most people who sexually abuse children are not pedophiles; that is, they aren't actually experiencing sexual desire for the child. Especially caregivers. It's about dominance, exerting control over the child.

  2. He has a Myspace! It's been 84 years...

    1. Kind of an interesting convergence. (Hey, I liked Convergence!) Winter Soldier reminds me of a reason I look askance at MCU fans. Bucky Barnes was another Golden Age 8-year-old in adult situations, much like Robin, so Stucky feels a bit, yeah. (Of course, in Robin's case, just look at any World's Finest cover and you get a more acceptable subtext.) Of course Bucky also was captured and brainwashed by Nazis, which is a difference.

    3. Nickelodeon says ass now? I remember when it was a shock when they said piss. In a figurative sense, like "I'm pissed off" but not a literal sense like "You need to pull over so I can piss."

    4. I'm imagining his enemies right now. At least there's still a Two-Face. But there's also Crazier Quilt, who drops paint on your clothes; Gorilla God, who wants to convert you on the bus (yeah, I know, that's basically Brother Blood); Professor Vroom, who rides a motorcycle so loud you can hear it six blocks away; and the Mad Hatter, because incels are inherently rude.

    1. I found the phrase "cut your grass and kick your ass" on a "Henry Danger" fan wiki, but presumably he says it on the show.

  3. I did not read the part about Acevedo being molested by his mother's boyfriend which of course is wrong. In the Marvel movies Bucky and Steve Rogers are the same age so there is nothing wrong with a gay romance.

    1. Batgirl complex. Adaptations changing characters' ages until every ship is creepy.

  4. Max came to L.A. in 2019, when he was 20 years old, so sexual acts are legal. The power differential between an aspiring actor and a horny director, producer, or casting agent will, of course, make any hookup or dating relationship suspect.

    1. Sounds about right. The age of consent in CA is 18, it's actually the most unforgiving state in the country in that regard (Sorry, Qanon.), the Romeo and Juliet clause (I hate that phrase, Romeo and Juliet isn't about underage sex as much as it's about double suicide.) only how's down to a misdemeanor, but of course Hollywood has always had ways to pass around fresh meat. See the Coreys.

  5. Max is like a lot of young men and women who come to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune. And yes they use their youth and beauty to get a foot in the door. Is this age of Me Too I'm sure the casting couch is still alive and well- it works for some it fails for other of course beauty can only get you so far.


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