May 12, 2018

Andrew Stevens, Teen Idol

No teen idol of the 1970s was better at re-inventing himself than Andrew Stevens.

1. A cute teenager, subtly muscular, with shaggy hair and a goofy smile, for "heartwarming" roles as cute or wounded kids in tv series like Apple's Way, Police Story, and Shazam!

2. A late teen or young adult: goofy smile still in place, but shifted from cute to stunning to star in dramas that required lots of beefcake shots,  like The Fury, The Bastard, and The Rebels.

3. Hair straightened, muscles bulging, tanned, a suave playboy or con artist in his grown-up roles, the tv soaps Emerald Point N.A.S (1983-84) and Dallas (1988-89) and memorable guest spots on The Love Boat, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, and Hotel.

And that's not even counting his later work as writer, director, and producer.  Today he is the president of Andrew Stevens Entertainment, which has produced over 170 films.

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