May 8, 2018

In Search of Greek Men

My semester of New Testament Greek 30 years ago didn't help me much in my search for modern Greek beefcake.  I looked with the key words ομάδα κολύμβησης, κολύμπι  κλαμπ, γυμναστήριο, and so on, and came up with some pictures, but no idea where in Greece most of these guys are from.  Or if they're from a Greek article about sports elsewhere in the world.

1.  Niced tanned physique, rare in swimmers who mostly work out inside.

2. A buffed guy in the crowd.  The backpack draws attention to his pecs.

3. The caption says kortsilas-sixroniki, which are not Greek words or Greek name.  I can do without the jazz hands.

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo was born in Athens, Greece to Nigerian immigrant parents in 1994, and began playing professional basketball in 2012.  Currently he's playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

5. A Greek swim club.  I like the one guy who is not wearing team speedos.

More after the break.

6. Another Greek team, with some interesting swimsuits.  Second from the left, back row has a nice physique.

7. This may be Apostolos Christou, who broke a a world record at the European Junior Swimming Championship in 2014.

8. Bodybuilder Valentis Dokos lubes up under a stormy sky.

9.  I think these guys are named Vourgioukalakis, Dimoulious, and Kolokotronis.

10. A Greek model, Stelios Niakaros

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  1. And now we finally get to the OG Land of Beefcake. My first time doing anything with another guy sexually beyond masturbation actually began when we were watching a Steve Reeves movie on AMC.


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