Apr 21, 2015

Land of the Lost

Saturday morning tv in the 1960s and 1970s was full of teenage boys trapped far from home.   From 1974 to 1977, that boy was a hot teenager named Will (Wesley Eure), who was on a "routine expedition" with his hot dad Rick (Spencer Milligan) and kid sister Holly (Kathy Coleman), when they zapped through a time-space portal into a jungle world crowded with dinosaurs, reptilian aliens named Sleestaks, and cute gibbering primates named Pakuni.  After a couple of seasons, Rick vanished, replaced by hot Uncle Jack (Ron Harper).

There wasn't much bonding, since the only available males were close relatives.  Nor much beefcake; you'd think after three years in the humid jungle, the guys would start wearing Tarzan-style loincloths, but no, only one episode featured Will shirtless, in painted-on jeans.

Otherwise gay boys had to make do with shirts unbuttoned to his navel.

But at least there was an utter lack of mentioned or displayed heterosexual interest in any of the characters, ever.

And Wesley Eure made up for his lack of shirtless shots later, as Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives.  

In 2009, he finally made one of the obligatory "coming out" statements, informing the world that he was gay via afterelton.com,  but he was never really in.  While on Land of the Lost, he was dating Richard Chamberlain.


  1. I remember this show, but I definitely don't remember him shirtless or wearing "daisy dukes". I'll have to dig up the DVDs and see if I can find that episode. Although I was probably the gayest kid you'd ever meet, I actually remember having a crush on the little sister on the show. I had a thing for tomboys (Jodie Foster, Kristy McNichol, etc) and the little sister basically looked and dressed like a boy (with the exception of the braids), so I was kind of into her for a while.

  2. I think those sneaky jerks had him in those "dukes" to keep us watching. Worked on me. Never saw him in them again. Disappointing.


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