Jan 6, 2013

Uriah Shelton: Gay Christian Ally

Speaking of Jimmy Bennett, his costar in Alabama Moon, Uriah Sheldon, has also been making a splash among gay teens, mostly because of his music.  His performances of  "Lifted" and "Come Inside" with Dash Mihok have received excellent reviews, and he has performed in several music videos.

Many gay kids and teenagers are evangelical Christians, in spite of the homophobia of some evangelical churches, and they appreciate Uriah's ability to express a religious commitment without homophobia or even heterosexism.

For instance, his music video "I Wanna Live Like That" is about his desire to be good, holding doors open for people and being pushed into a pool by his friends, with no heterosexual imaginings.

Gay fans are also drawn to Uriah's movies and tv programs, which tend to minimize leering at girls and feature buddy-bonding (as in Alabama Moon) or boys with hunky dads.

1. Eric McCormack of Will and Grace  in Trust Me (2009)

2.Dash Mihok in Lifted (2010).

Or older friends: Matt Passmore in The Glades (2010-)

In The Glades, smart-aleck Chicago cop Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) moves to small-town Florida to "work on his tan" and solve murders.  He pursues married nurse Callie (Kiele Sanchez), whose husband is in prison, and who dislikes cops.

Meanwhile, Callie's son Jeff (Uriah) pursues Jim, and begins tagging along on his cases.  Maybe he's looking for a father figure, maybe he enjoys the excitement, or maybe he's a gay kid experiencing his first crush.

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