Apr 3, 2013

Tim and Rick Rossovich: Beefcake on Parade

Speaking of Douglas Barr, his extremely muscular costar on the Village People knockoff When the Whistle Blows was Tim Rossovich (Hunk, left).  Born in 1946, the former pro football player enjoyed a long career playing boxers, hit men, bodyguards, anyone meant to be big and imposing (here towering over Henry Winkler in Night Shift).  

He had guest spots in dozens of tv series, from Soap (1978) through Baywatch (1992), including the gay-themed Brothers (1984), as a macho footballer who discovers that his former teammate is gay.

Being imposing doesn't allow much room for homoerotic subtexts, but at least he got a lot of shirtless and semi-nude shots.

Younger brother Rick Rossovich (born in 1956) got all of the homoerotic subtexts -- but he was no slouch in the muscle department, either.  His first major role was the brawny Italian Pig Pignetti in the homoerotic-subtext boarding-school drama Lords of Discipline (1983).

He was killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger while wearing only bikini-brief underwear in The Terminator (1984). 

He also did some buddy-bonding in Top Gun and Let's Get Harry, and triangulated with Steve Martin in Roxanne.

 Then he settled down to some man-mountain and "falling in love with a woman who may be the killer" roles.

From 1996-98, Rick starred in Pacific Blue, as the commander of a crew of bike cops on patrol on the Santa Monica beach, who wear short pants and get involved in homoerotic situations.

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