Apr 5, 2013

Space Cases: Star Trek Voyager for Kids

Nickelodeon is known for naturalistic teencoms, so its sci-fi series Space Cases (1996-97) (not a comedy in spite of the pun) had trouble finding an audience, and was cancelled after 27 episodes.

The premise was similar to that of Star Trek: Voyager: some students at a space academy find an abandoned alien ship and sneak aboard. Their teacher and the academy commander follow, and everyone is accidentally zapped half-way across the galaxy, seven years from home at maximum warp. Plots involve deep-space dangers, interpersonal conflicts, and the ongoing mystery of who sent the spacecraft, and why.  Buddy-bonding but not much heterosexual intrigue ensued.

There were several attractive male crew members:

Paul Boretski (gruff-but-caring Commander Goddard)  has had a lot of experience in sci-fi and paranormal series: War of the Worlds, PSI Factor, Earth: Final Conflict.    He had a full-frontal nude scene in Perfect Timing (1986).

Walter E. Jones (Harlan Band, leader of the students) was the most famous of the cast members, well known as the Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (1993-94).  He has also played in Malibu Shore, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Spyder Games, and The Shield.  He hasn't been the subject of many gay rumors, but this photo looks like he's reclining in a male companion's arms; it may just be a trick of the camera.

Kristian Ayre played Radu, from the planet Andromeda.   He keeps trying to bond with Harlan, who is still angry over the long war between Andromeda and Earth.

Kristian moved on to star in the series Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (1999-2000) and the movies Voyage of the Unicorn (2001), Bang Bang You're Dead (2002), and Elf (2003).  He has been the subject of gay rumors.

Rahi Azizi, star of the buddy-bonding Demon in a Bottle (1996), played Bova, from the planet Uranus: an oddball outsider with an energy-gathering appendage and an enormous appetite.

After retiring from acting, Rahi became a lawyer.  He participated in the 2012 Lambda Legal lawsuit that challenged Nevada's ban on same-sex marriage.

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