Jun 26, 2013

The Shada Brothers

Speaking of Adventure Time, there are three Shada brothers who are acting, modeling, singing and generally making the world a better place for gay teens.

Jeremy (born 1997) is the youngest, but has been in the most gay-friendly and gay-subtext projects. In addition to Adventure Time:

1. Lost (2006-07): he played the young Charlie.
2. Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2009-11): he voiced Robin the Boy Wonder.
2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010), an excellent gay-subtext movie.
3. That's What I Am (2011), about various misfit kids in 1965, plus a teacher rumored to be gay.
4. Paranorman (2012), #6 on my list of Gay Movies I Loved.
5. Aliens in the House (2013) is not yet released, but there's some buddy-bonding potential in the two boys (Jeremy, Charlie Depew) who battle an alien infestation.

His older brother Zack (born in 1992) appeared in a series of nine movies on the Hallmark Channel (2005-2008) about soccer mom Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson), who is really a secret agent code-named Jane Doe.  Sort of like Scarecrow and Mrs. King, except Cathy is married with children, so she doesn't fall in love with her boss (Joe Penny).  Zack played her son, who was cute, fragile, and feminine, maybe gay-coded.

He also played the young Liam (Charlie's brother) on Lost. More recently he has done voice work and appeared in a three-episode story arc on Wizards of Waverly Place.  He also did the voice of Finn in the pilot episode of Adventure Time and Slightly on Tinker Bell. 

Josh, the oldest (born 1991) is primarily into his music -- the 2008 album of his band, JACZ,  includes such songs as "Wanna Party," "Arab Funk," and "Bassic."  JACZ, by the way, is an acronym for the members: Jeremy Shada, Adam Thompson, Christian Vandal, and Zack Shada.

All of them have acting credits, mostly guest spots on the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon teencoms.

By the way, the top photo was identified as Christian Vandal by my source, 123people.com, but it could be Jake T. Austin's friend Christian Fortune instead.  I can't really tell them apart.

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