Sep 26, 2013

Eric Martsolf: All Gay-Friendly

If you're a soap opera fan, you know Eric Martsolf as Brady Black on Days of Our Lives (2008-13): here he and his friends strip for charity (only women in the audience) -- or Ethan Winthrop on Passions (2002-2008).

But the 42-year old actor has had a long career as a singer, model, and stage actor -- four years as the Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat -- with several more gay-friendly projects.

Actually, his non-soap work has almost all been gay-friendly.

Four Steps (2009), about a lesbian who hires The Master to help her hone her gaydar.

Venice the Series (2009-), about a lesbian who works as an interior designer in Venice. In 2011-2012, Eric played Van, her roguish nephew. 


Miss Behave (2010-2012), about the mischievous children of super-successful parents, a writer and a talent agent.  Billy (Trevor Doyle Nelson) is "struggling with his sexual identity": Hollywood code for "gay, but we want to give him girlfriends anyway."  Eric had a 3-episode story arc as Marcus Dunne, a famous client who takes a liking to Billy.

No actual gay characters, but then the square-jawed type rarely gets cast as gay.  In real life Eric is a gay ally, a supporter of gay marriage.

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