Sep 12, 2013

Tyger Drew-Honey. The Name Says It All

After BooBoo Stewart, Tyger Drew-Honey has to be the world's greatest name (although my blogger keeps changing it to "Tyler" without my permission).  When I first heard it, yesterday, I had to know more about him.

Especially when he tweets nude pics of himself, and asks "how camp is my leg?"

And when there are screencaps on the internet that show him getting a homoerotic back rub.

And in drag.

What I found out:

1. He's 17 years old.
2. His parents are porn stars (Lindsay Drew and Steve Perry).

3. He was a regular on the sketch comedy Armstrong and Miller Show (2007-2010), which often had gay-themed sketches.  Here he plays a gay teenager who comes out to his parents; Dad's reaction is rather underwhelming.

4. In Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011), Tyger played Stuck-Up Steve, Henry's gay-vague cousin.
5. Next he starred in the Britcom Cuckoo (2012), about a conservative family whose daughter marries a free-spirited hippie, Cuckoo (Andy Samberg).  Tyler played Dylan, her younger brother, so obviously in love with Cuckoo that he told an interviewer that they would need a "coming out as not gay" episode for him.

6. In Outnumbered (2007-), another Britcom about parents (Hugh Davis, Claire Skinner) raising three rambunctious kids,  Tyler plays Jake, the oldest son.  He's heterosexual, but Uncle Ben and Uncle Bernard are gay.

7. He gets lots of gay rumors but hasn't said anything specific.

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