May 14, 2017

John Manning and His Beefcake Brothers

Born 1936 in Portland, Oregon, John Manning moved to Los Angeles during his teens and began putting his physique and penis to work.  He was photographed by most of the gay physique photographers of the era, including Bruce of Los Angeles, Pat Milo, Dave Martin, and Lyle Frisby.

But his favorite photographer was Bob Mizner of the Athletic Model Guild.  He appeared in many issues of Physique Pictorial from 1955 to 1968.

  Sometimes he capitalized on his half-Sioux, half-Irish heritage by appearing in an Indian headdress.

I have found only a few more details about John Manning.  Some may be apocryphal:

1. He was a paratrooper in the army.

2. He enjoyed judo, karate, and boxing.

3. He could lift the front end of a jeep.

4. He "had never been beaten in arm wrestling."

5. There is  a John Manning of the right age living in Portland today..  He's a retired botanist.

John's younger brothers, Jim and Joe, also appeared in a few issues of Physique Pictorial.  

The three brothers appeared together in two AMG films 

1. The Pharaoh's New Slave (1958).

2. The Experimental Model (1964).

I have found even fewer details about the lives of the brothers, except fo a tantalizing hint: They starred in The Experimental Model "during one of those rare times when they are all out of jail at the same time."

Nude photos of John and at least one brother are on Tales of West Hollywood.

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  1. Jim Manning died in 1999 at 60. His son died early in 2017. Jim was married several times.John Drove a cement truck in Portland. Was married 4 or 5 times and fathered a huge number of children with that enormous baby maker. John died in December 2004 at 68. Two of his sons died shortly after he did.


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