Jun 15, 2017

12 Shirtless Pictures of Asa Butterfield, Sort Of

Ok, people keep telling me that #6 on the list of "Pre-Teen Teen Idols" is not Asa Butterfield.

I've never heard of that person, and never seen him before, that I know of.  It's hard to distinguish between people that you don't know, particularly when they're actors who keep changing their look. .

My only clues are that he's in his early 20s and has blue eyes.

So I just googled "Asa Butterfield shirtless," in quotation marks, and downloaded whatever came up.  If you know who he is, you can figure out which are really of him.  Otherwise, you can enjoy this group of photos of hunky guys.

1. Beach scene.  He might have blue eyes -- hard to tell.

2. Wearing glasses, and talking to monkeys.

3.  Looks like brown eyes, but maybe he's wearing contact lenses.

4. The guy in the middle is Moises Arias.  Maybe Asa is on the right or left.

5. Eyes can't get much bluer than this.

6. Crew cut.

7.  Those eyes are brown.

8. Looks like a homoerotic scene in whatever movie this was.

9. That's got to be Daniel Radcliffe.

10. Nice loincloth.

11.  This guy looks South Asian.

12. Asa Snowbird

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  1. Pictures 2, 5, 7 and 8. 10 may be but looks photo shopped. I was a big fan of the Ender's Game book series so I followed him when he was cast as Ender in the movie. 7 and 8 were actually from that movie. Mosies Arias was his antagonist in the movie but picture #4 was from the show "The Middle" no Asa in it.

    1. That explains why I never saw him. I skipped "Ender's Game" due to the homophobia of Orson Scott Card. Is that spacesuit-loincloth thing from "Ender's Game" too?

  2. ust found the source of the pic you used in 10. It is a bad picture of a mannequin in a costume at Comic con.

  3. Well, at least he'll be a cheap date.

  4. 9 is Robert Pattinson of Twilight and Harry Potter fame
    Jim Smith is correct on the only other ones that are Asa...he can be found on IMDb also

    1. i was wondering if that was pattinson or radcliffe xD worth noting that pattinson was in one of the harry potter movies (goblet of fire), pre-twilight i think.

  5. Only 2, 5, 7, and 8 are Asa (2 nd 5 are candids, 7 and 8 are from the same shower scene in Ender's Game). And while it can be argued that the shower scene began as a potential rape scene, the picture has his attacker dead at that point....

    1. the attacker (there's a lot of backstory that i won't go into) was played by moises arias. the movie was not as good as the book; especially the original version published in the 1980s (which has apparently been revised to remove some content that no longer "plays" well in the present day, re: nudity, sexuality, homoeroticism, etc. - with juveniles. or so i've heard, have not read the revised version myself.).

      asa is quite a good actor, actually (you should check out his imdb, if you haven't already). he started out as a "tween idol", but it's fair to say that he graduated to teen idol. also; he is definitely not-homophobic in his ordinary life (though i've no idea how he reacts to gay fans; it probably depends on their manners... )


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