Mar 9, 2018

Shirtless Sports Fans

I've never been to a sports match except for a couple of baseball games, but I understand that it's customary for fans to take their shirts off and spell out their team with letters on their chests.

Looks like there's more beefcake in the stands than on the field.

They can also spell out the name of their favorite player.

Or miscellaneous sentiments.

It helps to get the letters in the right order.

Two letters on a chest isn't really fair.

More after the break.

Why would you paint on a t-shirt, to make it look like you're not shirtless?

It's a point of pride to do it in the winter, a sort of endurance test for fans.

It helps if people can figure out what your letters are supposed to mean.

Dicek?  I tried to google him, but no dice.

If they want to take their shirts off without letters on their chests, that's fine, too.

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