Mar 17, 2018

Tarzan Cosplay

Feel like dressing up like Tarzan for Halloween, or for the next sci-fi convention?

There are some problems with the idea.

1. Tarzan doesn't really have a recognizable costume.  He wears a loincloth, like many barbarian heroes.  Your audience might not know which you mean.

You might alleviate that problem by wearing a dreadlock wig, to resemble the Disney Tarzan.

If you already have long hair, problem solved.

2.  You'll be wearing that loincloth all night, in the cold.  Maybe a nice wool sash will help.

3. You have to have a muscular physique.  There are fake muscles on sale, but they look sort of ridiculous on anyone older than 12.

More after the break.

4. You need to find some way to hide your bulge, or at least make it less obvious.

5.  Outside of West Hollywood, people will be constantly asking you "Where's Jane?", assuming that you are part of a heteronormative fantasy.

6. Chimps make your identity obvious, but they are a hindrance to the proper illusion.

7.  Tarzan can be of any race, as long as he can reasonably pass as a shipwrecked British aristocrat.

8. Watch the attitude.  You're the Lord of the Jungle, not a hustler.

1 comment:

  1. If you're big, any loincloth costume can be a problem. If you cover your junk with a pouch, it can be constructing. If you don't, even going with a leather skirt, it can show. (And a true loincloth always needs a pouch because wind.)

    A friend and I did deconstructionist costumes. One 80s nostalgia party, we both went as beastmasters, him as the barbarian hero, me as the shell-shocked psychic space marine.


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