Oct 3, 2015

Brandon DeWilde

Speaking of Westerns, Brandon De Wilde became famous as the ten-year old kid who shouts "Come back, Shane!" in the iconic scene from Shane (1953), but he was a busy child star before that.


And he worked steadily through the 1960s, playing wounded, disturbed, and outsider teens and young adults who often enjoy homoromantic bonds.

With bad boy high schooler Warren Berlinger in Blue Denim (1959).

With muscular sideshow performer Larry Kert on an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1961).

With dissolute cowboy Paul Newman in Hud (1963).

With hunky soldier Rich Jason on an episode of Combat (1966).

He never took off his shirt on camera, but there was plenty for gay boys look at, even without nudity.

Unfortunately, Brandon didn't get much play in teen magazines: he was small, slim, and pretty enough to rate attention, but he was married, then divorced, then remarried, and teen idols must be -- or pretend to be -- available.

He died tragically in an auto accident in 1972.


  1. Any speedo pics?

  2. I know the name as one of the only boys ever to be nominated for a competitive Academy Award (the Academy has a clear preference for little girls rather than boys), but I don't think I've ever seen anything he was in. I had no idea he kept working into his adult years, but he's filling out the crotch of those tight pants quite nicely.

  3. He did appear shirtless in "Hud" (1963). "Are you sleepin' in the raw again?" housekeeper/cook Alma (played by Patricia Neal) asks.

    1. I think I have a post on "Hud." Check the index under "Movies."


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