Aug 29, 2015

The Male Ladybug and His Biceps

17 episodes of The Bugaloos aired during the 1970-71 season, and were rerun in 1971-72.  That's a little short, even for a Sid and Marty Krofft live action-animatronic series: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters had 29, and Land of the Lost had 43.

But millions of Boomers fondly recall the 17 episodes, and the infinite array of tie-in merchandise: a record album, a lunchbox, a board game, a 4-issue comic book series, costumes for Halloween, 3 novels.

They were a hippie family/rock band composed of  British insect people, all named after virtues.

I.Q. (John McIndoe) was a gangly blond grasshopper, Harmony (Wayne Laryea) a black bumblebee, Joy (Caroline Ellis) a female butterfly, and Courage (John Philpott) a muscular male ladybug.

Very muscular.  Always wearing a tight red shirt that highlighted his pecs and lay bare his arms and shoulders.

And exceptionally tight pants.

They lived in Tranquility Forest, singing, dancing, flying, and displaying no heterosexual interest.  But their Eden was threatened by Benita Bizarre (Martha Raye), who hated their youth, their beauty, their freedom, their talent, and. . .well, their tranquility.  She stole Joy's voice and IQ's wings; she kidnapped and branwashed Courage; she tried to drive them out of their forest.

Establishment fear of the youth counterculture, as in That Cold Day in the Park, but from the counterculture's point of view, as in Brother Sun, Sister Moon.  Clash of innocence and experience, age and. . um, obviously a metaphor for. . .um. . .

Who could think about anything but the male ladybug in his sleeveless shirt and exceptionally tight pants?

See also: Pufnstuf


  1. This was my favorite of all the Krofft shows. I had no idea it lasted for just 17 episodes.

  2. This show was before my time (going off the air the year I was conceived), but I remember catching reruns of this on Nick @ Nite back in the 1990s and thinking that Johnny Philpott was HOT.. Like you said, the muscles, the skin-tight pants, and the "fairy" wings......whew, is it getting hot in here??


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