Apr 4, 2013

Blake Bashoff

Jeremy Lelliott is well-known for playing gay characters, but Blake Bashoff's record is almost as good. Even in his early roles, his characters engage in some buddy-bonding:

Gordon in Bushwacked (1995), one of the kids being mentored by a criminal disguised as a scout leader.

Ben in Big Bully (1996), who bullies and then makes up with Kirby (Cody McMains).

Or they display no heterosexual interest:
Todd in The New Swiss Family Robinson (1998), who lets his brother Shane (John Asher) romance the desert-island girl.

He began playing gay characters in 2001, with Eric Brown, an abused gay teen taken in by the genial judge and her family on Judging Amy (2001-2003).

Blake's jumpy nervousness and wounded expression got him cast as some murderers or arsonists, usually gay-vague, but then he jumped back into gay characters with Duncan, the only gay student at a magic academy on a 2004 episode of the paranormal Charmed.

In 2006-2008, he played the gay-vague Karl, a teenager living among the evil Others, on Lost.

He also played the gay Moritz on Broadway in Spring Awakening (with costar Kyle Rabko, left).

In 2012 he played half of a gay couple in the movie Neighbors.

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