Aug 1, 2013

Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures: Two Gay Surfer Couples

Nickelodeon is not as good at gay subtexts as the Disney Channel, but every now and then it will air a teencom involving a hot-and-heavy bromance that shines through in spite of the requisite "girl! girls! girls!" obsessions.

Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures (2011-2013) pairs two modern day surfer dudes: "regular guy" Bucket (Taylor Gray, left) and outrageous, gay-vague Skinner (Dillon Lane).

They have an antagonist, the uber-muscular fellow surfer Aloe (Glenn McCuen, #7 on my list of Unexpected Nickelodeon Teen Hunks), who has a boyfriend of his own, Sven (D.C. Cody, far left, with Aloe's arm on his lap).  Bucket and Aloe are competing for the attention of The Girl, so in many ways the show is a throwback to the 1980s movie comedies: nerd tries to wrest The Girl from the obnoxious jock she's dating, with the help of a gay-vague best bud.

Not a lot of surfing goes on; the main sets are the high school and their Surf Shop hangout.  But there are plenty of muscle-shirts,, other ways to display muscular physiques.

In addition to the gay subtext of Bucket and Skinner's bromance, there is some gender-bending.  Bucket and Skinner crash Aloe's party disguised as girls, and Sven hits on Skinner.  They become cheerleaders, and must convince Aloe to join them.

Due to scheduling conflicts and failure to find an audience, Bucket and Skinner was cancelled after 26 episodes; the last few have yet to be aired on TeenNick.

Glen McCuen (early photo) went on to star in the college comedy Dean Slater: Resident Advisor (2013). Dillon Lane will star with Luke Benward in the snowboarding drama Cloud 9 (2014).  Taylor Gray is mostly being photographed in the company of cute guys.

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