Jul 28, 2013

American Werewolf in Paris

We didn't really need a sequel to American Werewolf in London, but in 1997 we got one, American Werewolf in Paris.

This time we got three buddies on vacation in Paris: Andy (Tom Everett Scott), Brad (Vince Vieluf), and Chris (Phil Buckman, left), who want to bungee jump off the Eiffel Tower.

Andy falls in love with Serafine, a werewolf-girl (daughter of the David Naughton character from the original, but not to worry, she's older than 16).  She invites them to a werewolf-victim nightclub.  Andy is bitten, Brad is eaten, and Chris escapes.

As in the original, Brad's decaying corpse shows up and tells Andy that he is destined to kill and eat people for the rest of eternity.  But this time Serafine has a cure.

Head werewolf Claude orders Andy to kill Chris. He is torn, but in the end rescues him instead. They all kill the bad werewolves.  Andy and Serafine get married, and invite Chris to join them in bungee jumping off the Statue of Liberty.

Terrible, convoluted stuff, except for the lack of homophobic slurs; the blatant gay subtext between Andy and Chris, in spite of The Girl (Chris doesn't get a girl, anyway); and the fact that Chris gets his shirt ripped off, giving us some beefcake.

Tom Everett Scott has played several gay characters, notably in the play The Little Dog Laughed, where both he and costar Johnny Galecki display frontal nudity.

Phil Buckman played several buddies with little interest in girls during the 1990s: Slash, on Drexel's Class (1991-92); Scar on the short-lived Daddy's Girls (1994), with Harvey Fierstein; Chet's buddy Roger on Weird Science (1994-96).  He's been in several bands, including Tribal Sex Cult, Texture, Kill the Complex, and Filter.

He seems to have muscled up even more, if that's possible.

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