Aug 24, 2013

Dylan Minnette and Braeden LeMasters: Let the Right One In

17-year old Dylan Minnette may be best known for his role as Kenny in Let Me In (2010), the American remake of Let the Right One In (2008).  He played the leader of a group of bullies who take a violent and arguably homoerotic interest in the androgynous young Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee), pushing him into the romance with a female vampire.

In the original novel and the Swedish version, the vampire is actually a castrated boy living as a girl, but Let Me In  heterosexualizes the romance by making her biologically female.  All that's left is the throwaway line "I'm not a girl," which mystifies Owen.

Pictured: Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak as another of the bullies terrorizing Owen.

The "bad guy" role was a change of pace for Dylan, who carefully establishes on the DVD commentary that he and Kodi were friends off camera.  Previously he was cast in "nicer" roles in such vehicles as The Year without a Santa Claus and Snow Buddies.

Several tv series with gay characters, including starring roles on Saving Grace, Awake, and a gay-themed episode of Law and Order: SVU. 

Dylan is best friends with 17-year old Braeden LeMasters (second from left), who played in the gay-themed Six Feet Under and in the gay-positive Easy A (2010) with Dan Byrd.  

Both are rumored to be gay in real life, but with so many heterosexual allies around, who knows?

Their band, the Feaver, also includes Zack Mendenhall on bass and Cole Preston on drums.  They've played at some prestigious venues, including the Chicago House of Blues, the Viper Room, and the Whiskey A-Go-Go (at an all ages event).  Their songs, including "The Formula," "Old School Man," and "In the City," are often not heterosexist.

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