Oct 18, 2013

Everybody Loves Lil Chris

In the British tv reality series Rock School, Gene Simmons of KISS created a rock band out of the students at an "average high school."  15 year old Chris Hardman, aka Lil Chris, became the standout performer, and quickly got a recording contract. (Don't worry, he's 23 in this photo.)

His debut single "Checkin' it Out" hit #3 on the British pop charts in September 2006.  Four other singles made the charts, and he released two albums.

By 2008, Chris was a sought-after tv personality, with appearances on The Weakest Link, Hider in the House, T4 on the Beach, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and Hole in the Wall, plus his own talk show, Everybody Loves Little Chris.

In 2012 he starred in the stage musical Loserville, about some nerds who find love.

His lyrics are mostly heterosexist, but as a DJ, he works both gay and straight venues, and in stage performances and his twitter account, he's careful to acknowledge the possible interest of both male and female fans.

Maybe that makes up for it.

Besides, he poses (nearly) nude.

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