Aug 18, 2015

10 More Body Parts That You Didn't Know Were Attractive

I've been going through the body parts which aren't as big, dramatic, and obvious as the biceps, pecs, and beneath-the-belt gifts, but still can be emblematic of masculine beauty.  With #1-10, I barely got through the trapezius, triceps, forearm, serratus anterior, and the navel.  Now let's move on to the rest of the body.

11. The Glory Trail

Everybody likes pecs and abs, but what about the area at the base of the abs, just below the navel, where, on about 2/3rds of men, there's a trail of hair leading directly down to their pubes.  It's called a Glory Trail or the Treasure Trail.

The moment he takes his shirts off, you get a visual reminder of what's waiting for you below.

12. The Obliques

When you hear someone saying "What great shape that guy is in!", they probably aren't referring to his pecs, delts, and biceps.  They are noticing the obliques, which run along the ilium (hip bone) along the waist and make that cute indentation.

13. The Tanline

I never tan -- I just freckle or burn.  You have to have the right skin tone and spend the right amount of time roasting in the sun.  It's tricky.  But the result, if you can pull it off, is a flat, straight line that separates the pale from the bronze,

14. The Back

It's easy to ignore the back --  the guy is turned away from you, and all of the more spectacular parts are hidden.  But watch the interplay of the complex system of muscles and bones, from the deltoids (shoulders) to the lats (latissimus dorsi, the big muscles on either side of the spine) to the teres and obliques.  A v-shaped torso begins here.

Maybe when the guy has his back turned, he's not ignoring you -- he's displaying his most sensitive, vulnerable side, inviting a caress.

15.  The Glutes

I've never been much for the backside, but the nice thing about the glutes is, the guy can't see you checking them out, so gawk all you want.

The glutes aren't there just for show -- they're essential for the runner.  So don't ignore the lunges and leg-lifts at the gym.

16. The Quads

When I download pictures of naked guys, I always crop them at base of the torso.  Who wants to see the legs?

But take a look at these quads. They're called quads because there are actually four different muscle groups at the top of the leg.  That's why they require different exercises.  The result is that quad "bulge" from the long, straight rectus femoris.

17. The Knees

You're asleep, with your back turned to your boyfriend.  Suddenly you feel something prodding.  Something hard and thick.  Is it his....?  No,, it's his knee.

18. The Calves

The calf consists of two muscles, the gastrocnemius (which gives it the round shape) and the soleus (which connects it to the leg).  It's a mistake to think they develop "automatically" through walking and running.

They might, if you run 10 miles a day.  Otherwise, to get that hard, thick bulge, you need to do calf raises, too.

19. The Ankles

The three joints connecting the leg and the foot are easy to ignore.  But an accidental glimpse of ankle on an otherwise fully-clothed guy can be used to reconstruct the whole body.

20. The Foot

The foot is the subject of a whole fetish fandom.  But even if you're not "into" feet, take a look sometime.  There is nothing more gender polarized on the human body: it has an unmistakably masculine look.

And you know what they say about big feet -- it's not just a myth.  There's a statistically significant correlation between your foot size and your penis size.  So maybe we should be cruising shoes rather than crotches.

See also: 10 Body Parts That You Didn't Know Were Attractive.

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